Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Z Graphic Novels are coming!

Zondervan's line of Graphic Novels are coming close to their release date. Zondervan's marketing department has been shopping them around the general and CBA book outlets since last November, but the books have just recently been listed in Diamond Distribution's catalog for shipping to comic outlets this July.

Here’s a rundown of the titles included in Zondervan’s initial launch. Each book is in the "Manga format": 5" x 7.25" of B&W art with approximately 150 pages of story content.

The Manga Bible: Books 1 & 2
A translated collection of the Korean Manwha Bible, packaged by Lamp Post, Inc.

The Bible is larger than life, and kids will love reading its stories told through the graphic storytelling of Korean manwha. Readers will enjoy learning the Bible’s characters and landscapes portrayed through this cutting-edge style of art now popular around the world.

Tomo Books 1 & 2
Book 1 written by Rob Corley, Book 2 written by Jim Krueger, Art by Arial Padilla

Hana would be like any other thirteen-year-old immigrant trying to fit into life at an American school, but she also battles hostile, animal-like warriors from the dimension of Argon Falls. In discovering secrets about her identity and her past, Hana bravely faces both her enemies and her destiny, tutored by her grandfather sensei, as well by a shape-shifting creature named Tomo.

Son of Samson Books 1 & 2
Written by Gary Martin with art by Sergio Cariello

Samson’s mighty son Branan traces his famous father’s footsteps as he battles the Philistines. Throughout the different episodes, with both humor and action, he learns about God’s purpose for his life and inherited strength.

TimeFlyz Book 1 & 2
Written by Ben Avery with art by Adi Darda

Laurel’s ordinary life changes to extraordinary when cyborg flies shrink her down and take her on the adventure of saving the world. Racing through and against time to famous places of the past, learning about history and faith, Laurel discovers that even an average girl like her can make a valuable contribution to a team.

Kingdoms Books 1 & 2
Written by Ben Avery with art by Mat Broome

1 & 2 Kings and 1& 2 Chronicles tell the history of Israel and Judah following the Davidic dynasty through the exile in Babylon. Against this historical backdrop of the rise and fall of maneuvering kings and warring empires, the fictional series Kingdoms traces the saga of the dedicated advisor Iddo and his descendants. As he remains loyal to the memory of the just King Josiah and labors to keep his nation faithful to the Lord, Iddo struggles to protect his own family—including his son, Berekiah, and later his grandson, a young prophet named Zechariah.

Hand of the Morningstar Books 1 & 2
Written and Illustrated by Mike Miller

With the world watching, the opposing forces of super-powered beings clash in battles that reveal whether those who serve the elusive Morningstar, said to be a wise and powerful heavenly creature, fight for the cause of good or evil.

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Joe Chiappetta said...

Hi Bud, You have been busy. The Kingdom line looks most awesome to me. The material is just crying out for comics action translation.

Ken and Kathleen Dalton said...

Thanks, Bud, for the research. The kingdom series looks great. I have recommended my readers check it out.

Anonymous said...

I recently met Gary Martin, the creator of the "Son of Samson" series. We talked in depth about this projects and his experience in the comic industry. He's a fascinating and talented artist and all around nice guy.