Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rabbi Encounters

I'd like to point everyone over to Rabbi Encounters, an excellent web comic by Rob Woodrum.

Rabbi Encounters (c) 2007 Rob Woodrum

In Rabbi Encounters, Rob Woodrum updates the encounters Jesus had with people throughout the Gospel accounts in a very effective manner. This works so much better than a straight "what if Jesus came today" approach; those tend to raise many more questions than they answer. The main focus in Rabbi Encounters is how the people are affected by their encounters with the Rabbi. In the stories to date, we have seen encounters with an Army commander, a man suffering from AIDS, a woman at the laundromat, and a diminutive thug named Zack. Rob's presentation of these familiar stories is very fresh and unique and provides a springboard for self-reflection as we see modern applications to these encounters.

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rob said...

Bud, thanks for the love man! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. You rock dude.