Monday, May 14, 2012

Z Graphic Novels

The project that has consumed most of my time and creative energies for the past six years has reached completion -- the final volumes of the Z Graphic Novels are now available!

It’s been my pleasure to serve as Managing Editor over this line of six 8-volume, manga-sized graphic novels. Adding up to over 7,200 pages material, this is most likely the largest amount of faith-based comic material produced in America under one brand. But as impressive as that may sound, what really counts are the stories themselves. Each series in the line has a unique look and voice, and they are all geared to slightly different audiences, yet each one touches on many crucial aspects of the Christian life such as faith, family, forgiveness and redemption. The creative teams poured their hearts into these books and it really shows through.

Here’s a brief rundown of each series:

With dynamic characters and pulse-pounding action, Hand of the Morningstar puts a twist to the concept of the typical super-hero story by tackling the nature of hero worship in today’s media-saturated, relativistic culture.

A generational saga that traces one family’s account through Israel’s exile into Babylon and their return home. Kingdoms draws upon the rich history of Israel and masterfully places many of the leaders and prophets from the Old Testament in historical context.

Adapted from the Korean Manhwa series. A little silly at times, but always reverent, The Manga Bible presents the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in an engaging format for young readers.

Son of Samson takes a look at one of the most famous Judges of Israel as this fictional “son” of his struggles to grasp with the seeming inconsistencies in Samson’s life. Son of Samson features lively action and art that draws the reader into ancient Israel.

Exploring the nature of self-identity and family, TimeFlyz is a high-energy adventure as the TimeFlyz and their human friend, Laurel, try to put a stop to who – or what – is kidnapping history’s leading scientists.

Putting new found faith to the test, Tomo presents the story of a young girl and her destiny to bring restoration to a kingdom crippled by deception. With fun characters and a fantastic setting, Tomo appeals to readers of all ages.

These books are available at your more discerning bookstores and online retailers, as well as through my Amazon Store: Bud's Bookshelf.

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