Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another Recommended Graphic Novel

Good As Lily
Story by Derek Kim Kirk
Art by Jesse Hamm
Published by Minx (An imprint of DC Comics)

I’ve been waiting for this graphic novel ever since I first saw some of Jesse Hamm’s art on it back in the summer of 2006, and it was well worth the wait.

First a disclaimer:
I’ve known Jesse Hamm for well over ten years and fell in love with his work at first sight. He’s a brilliant cartoonist, a master of body language and facial expression, and his layouts are very well thought out and invite the reader into the story. So, yeah, I was sold on the art right away.
I’m also somewhat familiar with Derek Kim Kirk’s writing, having followed several of his other comics online (especially Same Difference), and I'm impressed with his ability to flesh out characters in an appealing and believable nature. With that team attached to the book, it held a lot of promise to me.

The story of Good As Lily centers around Grace Kwon on her eighteenth birthday and what happens as she suddenly comes face to face with herself at three different periods of her life (as a child, as a woman nearing her thirties, and as on older woman). As the four Graces interact, they come to terms with their regrets and other emotional baggage, resulting in a closure that frees the contemporary, 18-year old Grace, to move forward into adulthood. It’s an optimistic story filled with likeable characters, warm humor, and a lot of heart.

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DonKelly said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I saw it listed in the PREVIEWS catalog but passed over it..didn't see Jesse's name attached to it.
Thanks for the heads up on it.