Sunday, October 14, 2007

Silly Daddy Online

Joe Chiappetta (or Joey Chips as he is sometimes called) has been drawing his Silly Daddy comic sine 1991, the year he became a father. It’s gone through several incarnations since then, beginning as a photocopied and hand stapled zine and moving all the way through to trade paperback collections of his comics. He even won the Xeric Award in 1998 for his for his graphic novel, Silly Daddy: A Death in the Family. One of the most amazing things about following Silly Daddy through the years and the formats is tracing Joe’s life, not only as a father, but as he came to Christ. He has now made the internet Silly Daddy’s home as a daily webcomic at:

Silly Daddy is at times absurd and at times touching, but always fascinating. Joe present’s life as he sees it or imagines it to be (or sometimes should be), and his cartoons provide a remarkable insight into contemporary times.

Here’s a small sampling if his cartoons:

All art is © 2007 Joe Chiappetta

Check out more at: Joe Chiappetta is Silly Daddy

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Jamie Cosley said...

Joe's one of the best! Inventive and quirky and primitive and beautiful....I love his comics....