Thursday, November 01, 2007

Art by Bud!

I usually work behind the scenes on the various projects I’m involved in, but between my editing, emails, and phone calls -- not to mention my regular, full-time job -- I’m able to squeeze in a little bit of freelance cartooning and comic art.

One of my clients is a marketing firm and they’ve brought me on to provide a handful of cartoons and humorous illustrations for one of their newsletters. Every month they send me about 3 pages worth of jokes and I pick 4 of them to draw. They also throw in a zinger for me in the form of a two word phrase for me to illustrate.

A good amount of my training in this field centered around magazine cartooning. I like the simple and direct style of communicating ideas. And since my art veers more toward the cartoony than realistic, I really enjoy having this opportunity to get some India ink all over my fingers again.

Here are some of the cartoons I did for October. I’ll try to get November’s up during November.

Click on each cartoon if you'd like to pull up a larger version to read.