Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Excelsior! 'Nuff Said?

My friends at New Creation Now are serializing a comic that’s been quite a while in the making. The comic is titled Ragged Capes and it takes a look at the motivations of several super-hero archetypes and how even their most righteous acts can only be considered dirty rags – or in their terms – ragged capes.

I was asked to write one of the chapters and so I took the opportunity to flesh out one of the characters I’d been playing around with called Excelsior. I formed Excelsior in the Bruce Wayne/Batman or Tony Stark/Iron Man mold -- that is, a very wealthy, intelligent and powerful man who was driven to go that extra step to help people out (well, to help people out in a super-powered suit, that is). In the process, he’s become my Solomon character, someone who has it all but has drifted away in a spiritual sense. Anyway, that’s my background for the character and I tried to work it in as much as I could within the seven pages I had available. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to devote more attention to him, for now however, this story will have to suffice. This story is titled "Breakdowns" and focuses on an encounter between Excelsior, my symbol of order and propriety, and the anarchist, Rave.

Excelsior is (c) 2009 Bud Rogers - art is (c) 2009 Bill Maus

The story was written by yours truly and it was drawn by Bill Maus with colors by Lisa Hutchinson. The first page is up now and new page will become available every week.

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DonKelly said...

Hey Mr Bud!!! How goes the battle?
Hadn't been to your blog in I stopped over. I also got a Facebook friend thing from John Pierce and saw your name there as well..thought I'd make re-contact.
It's been ages! Is AO still running or has it moved online now?
That's a great caricature you've got. Drop me aline sometime if ya wanna play catch up.